Speaking of Mobile….Adriana Lima Wants Your Number!

Posted on November 5, 2010


Victoria’s Secret just posted this on their Facebook page this morning……to kick off the countdown to their fashion show, they are giving away a $50 gift card using an SMS campaign. In order to enter, you have to text NOV30 to ANGEL. With nearly 9 million members on their page, it’s a great tactic to build up their mobile list.

The SMS campaign is only a small piece of their larger fashion show sweepstakes. They are also promoting an accompanying microsite where you can enter to win more prizes:

Over 100 winners will receive glam goodies, like a US $50 Victoria’s Secret Gift Card, a signed Angel photo or autographed Katy Perry CD, or a bundle of Fashion Show essentials. As the show gets closer, the prizes get even hotter—six-hundred-dollars (US) worth of Swarovski®-embellished lingerie, a US $1,000 VS Shopping Spree, a US $2,500 pink sapphire necklace crafted by Damiani, and a trip for you and a friend to see Katy Perry in concert, complete with Meet & Greet!

(I’m so excited to enter – can you imagine if I won this sweeps AND the Barneys shopping spree? I would be set for life! Whee! )

The microsite has really great content too – lots of eye candy of course and bios on their two headlining performers, Katy Perry and Akon.

Victoria’s Secret also  has a very robust iPhone app that includes a bar-code scanning feature, exclusive video content, GPS store locator, and m-commerce. Now if they only had an app that made you look like Adriana Lima…….

(Side note): I love social media because it is so JUICY – you get exposed to such a great cross-section of people on a brand page, from amazing, articulate, brand advocates to total nutbags….It’s crazy how many comments there are from women wanting to know how to become an Angel, or even how to get into modeling. Hint….if you have to ask the VS Facebook page, you are probably not on the right track!!! This was one of the more amusing exchanges:

Michael 'Haze' King Michael ‘Haze’ King What is Victoria’s secret, lol

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Natalie Salazar Anorexia
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Michael ‘Haze’ King lmfao…word, that’s the secret
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